Racing- and Flightsimulator

A big part of the fascination Racing Sports comed from the feeling of G-Forces.
Racingsimulators and Flightsimulators deliver in the domain of closeness to reality the ultimate fun factor and extend the feedback of the simulations considerably. With every new Game the degree of details, graphics and physics grow.
The Gaming on the other hand stays, mostly for the Home Users, static.
So, the Forces could now be shown to the user. This was the purpose of building the DS3 Simulator. Finally personal feedback of the Forces.

To accomplish this the gravity is taken to simulate the G-Forces.
Tilting the pilot in the corresponding direction will give the feeling of acceleration.
This has nothing to do with the tilting of the vehicle (in car simulations).
Therefore it is possible to simulate constant G-Forces without any Washout algorithm as the tilting reaches 40° in every direction.

The tilting is not perceived as tilting because the whole system does move with the pilot.
For the perfect illusion it is essential that the monitor does now make a different motion in relation to the pilot (ie stays static).
This is exactly why the DS3 can move that far and does not cause any motion sickness of the user.
Most of your view is filled with the screen mounted relatively close to you.
Some numbers: The usage of a 27" monitor is recommended, but even 29" are possible.
This is equivalent to a 42" Monitor in one meter distance.
After a short Schon nach kurzer settling-in period the peripheral vision does not disturb you and you dive into the game. Or you can use some VR Headset like the Oculus Rift.


The pilot is being pushed (pulled by gravity) into the seat when tilted backwards,
and the feeling of real acceleration is made.


The pilot is being tilted forwards.
Gravity pulls the pilot into the belts and is felt as braking.


Left Curve - tilt to the right
The pilot is being pushed out of the curve and feels centrifugal force.